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TOP Quality Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Offer extended life and minimum disc wear
  • Optimize the performance of vehicle’s braking system
  • Deliver high stopping power, reliability and safety
  • Feature a minimum brake-in & bedding- in period

Premium Quality Rotors

Full range of rotors that meet OE standards.

Excellent cooling performance prevents rotor from warping, increases lifespan.


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High Quality Brake Pad Varieties for Your Vehicle

Brake pads are an important safety feature of your vehicle. This key part contracts and even applies friction/pressure to the brake rotors of the vehicle, when physical force is applied to stop the vehicle. Brake Needs is a professional supplier of auto parts like brake rotors, wheel bearings, brake pads in the USA for over a decade. Choose from varied materials and suiting different budgets. If you are looking for the best brake pads in USA, trust the expert manufacturer of all brake parts. Brake Needs offers a secured shopping experience and supplies high standard brake pads and parts online. Top quality products and competitive prices are the USP of the company. As a distributor and manufacturer of premium brake parts like SUV, trucks and Cars, the company has earned a reputation of highly compatible products.

  • High Quality Materials: The choice of friction material is very important. For all our brake pads, we use a softer friction material attached to a stronger metal backing plate. If you are looking atbrake shoes replacement, you can browse through a wide variety of products. Choose from ceramic, fully metallic, semi metallic and organic brake pads in the USA.

  • Catering to All Driving Needs: Choosing brake pads in USA depends on your driving needs. Consider the material, terrain and tolerance factor before making a choice. For regular driving needs, the choice of reasonably priced semi metallic brake pads is apt. The sensitive braking system of your vehicle is made of several brake parts. Consider replacing brake parts timely as they are prone to wear and tear. For brake shoes replacement, Brake Needs offers ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 brake standard products that can be trusted and last longer. Enjoy quiet braking systems and long brake life and have a great driving experience.  



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