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Top Quality ceramic Brake Pads


Choose the Right Brake Pads from Brake Needs

The braking system of a vehicle requires more attention than others parts of the vehicle. This happens mainly because of its complexity. Of the various parts that work in tandem to bring your vehicle to rest, brake pads are probably the most significant. The front brake pads and the rear brake pads apply pressure and friction to the brake rotors (often called brake discs) to slow down, and eventually stop the front and rear wheel from spinning. At Brake Needs, we offer three kinds of brake pads – semi-metallic, ceramic and premium ceramic.

Semi Metallic Brake Pads

Semi metallic brake pads contain bronze, iron and steel wool. From the performance point of view, semi-metallic brake pads are a good choice as they have the most stopping power relative to other kinds of brake pads. Among the large variety of brake pads that Brake Needs offers, we highly recommend semi metallic brake pads for those on the lookout for cheap brake pads.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads consist of ceramic fibers, filler material and binding agents. They may also contain minuscule amounts of copper fibers to aid in heat dissipation. Buy ceramic brake pads online in the USA to have lesser brake dust, which is lighter in color and does not stick to the wheels.

The noise that ceramic brake pads generate is higher than the range of sounds audible to the human ear. However, they are quieter than semi-metallic brake pads and last longer too. We recommend using ceramic brake pads only on vehicles where performance and durability are crucial factors as they are priced higher. Though they are stable under most operating temperatures, they are less than ideal in extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, they do not absorb heat as well as semi-metallic brake pads, leading to higher Braking system temperatures. For most purposes, Brake Needs recommend ceramic brake pads as they extend the brake life. However, if stopping power is your only aim, our semi metallic brake pads are best-suited for your vehicle.

Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Premium ceramic brake pads have all the characteristics of ceramic brake pads. They are an improvement over ceramic brake pads. If you are looking for a better version of ceramic brake pads and don't mind the extra cost, our premium ceramic brake pads are the best choice.

Car brake pads undergo severe wear and tear arising from the speed of the vehicle when the brakes are applied, and its weight. The front wheels do most of the braking because of which front brake pad replacement is more frequent than the rear. For vehicles having disc brakes in the rear part, timely rear brake pad replacement is also essential due to wear and tear. A regular visual examination of the state of your vehicle's brake pads would give you a pretty clear idea of when they need replacement. Let the experts at Brake Needs guide you for the right selection and replacement.