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Semi Metallic Brake Pads from Brake Needs

Brake Needs offers the finest range of semi metallic brake pads, especially formulated with high quality steel strands. These brake pads are meant to provide strength while conducting heart from the surface of the rotor. It offers high quality braking power too.

Features of Semi Metallic Brake Pads

  • Semi metallic brake pads provide reliability and safety for a wide range of vehicles

  • The basic slots, chamfers, and shims help to reduce noise, braking sounds, squeaking, and vibration

  • No machining or curing needed; simply unbox and use

Functions of Semi Metallic Brake Pads

Semi metallic brake pads are flat pads with frictional materials, which contact the rotor and slow down or stops the vehicle. Whenever these brake pads wear off, it creates grinding, chirping, and squealing noise. It may also lead to difficulties in stopping a vehicle. The purpose of semi metallic brake pads is applying frictional force to the wheels for slowing or stopping the vehicle.

Tips to Maintain Brake Pads

  • Check the level of brake fluid at every single fuel change

  • Replace old fluid as per the Owner’s Manual

  • Wheel cylinders and calipers must be inspected regularly, and service/repaired as needed

  • Brake lines should be inspected for rust, visible leaks, or punctures

Apart from high quality brake parts, Brake Needs follow a professional approach. Our experts can assist you in all kinds of brake pads related issues. Our qualified technicians can:

  • Inspect brake hoses for cracking or brittleness

  • Inspect brake lining/pads for wear and tear

  • Inspect wheel bearings/grease seals etc

  • Adjust parking brakes as required

Feel free to contact Brake Needs any time!