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Brake Rotors

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Top Quality Rotors and Brake Pads


Wide Range of Brake Rotors and Brake Pads Combo with 1 Year Warranty

Brake rotors, often called brake discs, play a vital role in the braking system of a vehicle. They are what the brake pads hold onto for stopping the wheels of the vehicle from spinning, bringing it to rest. The different types of brake rotors available at Brake Needs include drilled brake rotors and slotted brake rotors.

Drilled Brake Rotors

As the name suggests, brake rotors have holes drilled on their surface. Though drilling holes into brake rotors results in a lesser surface area for the brake pads to hold on to, it aids in heat dissipation, thereby countering brake fade which reduces the stopping power of the brakes. Brake Needs brings to you the latest variety and the best quality brake rotors suing high quality material. In older types of brake pads, the materials used caused buildup of gas between the brake pads and the rotors leading to reduced stopping power.

  • Drilled brake rotors reduce the chances of gas build up.

  • These rotors can move away water from their surface, making the braking system considerably stable when wet.

  • Aid heat dissipation

If you are looking for drilled brake rotors replacement, Brake Needs offers the best choice suiting different card models. Browse through the variety and enjoy the best rates.

Slotted Brake Rotors

Slotted brake rotors have slots carved onto their surface. The slots aid in the dissipation of heat and move any undesirable materials that can affect the braking system, off the surface of the brake rotors. Performance car drivers prefer these because of their higher durability compared to drilled brake rotors. If you are a race car driver, Brake Needs have just the right kind of cheap brake rotors that don't compromise on performance, to suit your needs.

Brake Drums

Brake drums were widely used long before brake rotors were introduced. Even today, some vehicles are equipped with these, mostly in the rear wheels. Made from cast iron or aluminum housing, brake drums work on the same principle as brake rotors. Brake Needs offers high quality brake drums that can be are fixed to the wheels using bolts and have very few parts – two brake shoes and one piston. We offer affordable, high-quality brake drums if your vehicles' need a replacement for the same. If your brake assembly is word out due to constant use, choose brake rotors, brake drums and brake pads from Brake Needs.