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Brakepads and Rotors

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Warped Rotors and Brake Pads – It’s Time to Change

Brake Needs is your perfect partner for all kinds of rotors and brake pads related needs. We understand that the life and longevity of automobiles depend largely on the choices you make over time. So, we always aim to provide valuable information and proper guidance.

Brake Rotors – What is it?

The large metal discs you can see right behind the wheels of your car are called brake rotors. Rotors spin with the wheels. The purpose of rotors is to stop the car whenever the brake pads clamp down. Rotors and brake pads working are this dependent on each other. The Brake discs are designed to withstand tremendous pressure and heat. Additionally, they are forced to dissipate the heat quickly to prepare the brakes for the next round of clamping. However, as the surface of discs become uneven in the long run, braking becomes less effective, which leads to warping. Count on us for all-time assistance and guidance for choosing the right brake rotors and pads combo for your vehicle.

Signs of Warped Rotors and Brake Pads

If you drive frequently, the distinct squeaking noise would be enough to indicate that there’s a problem. When you witness some of the below signs, you would know it is time for brake parts replacement.

  • Excessive squeaking when brakes applied

  • Rubber burning odor when brakes applied

  • Inconsistent and jittery braking

  • Vibration when vehicle stops

What Causes Warping of Brake Rotors?

It is a common myth that when rotors are warped, the wheels are no longer aligned, or straight. However, that’s not true. Warping happens when the flat surface of rotors becomes uneven. The primary cause of warping is heat. In addition, rotors and brake pads may cause warping due to glazing or in case if the surface of rotors wears down completely. Experts on Brake Needs can guide you when it’s time to change your brake rotors.

How Can Brake Needs Help?

Brake Needs offer high quality rotors and brake pads at a reasonable price. We are an experienced and professional service provider, focused on 100% satisfaction of our clients. We only offer top quality V-trust OE replacement disc brake rotors and brake pads combo.

Prevent Your Brake Rotors from Warping

V-trust ceramic brake pads have tremendous stopping power plus lowest noise and dust. We assure 100% OE fitment, no additional modification, and easy installation. If you want your brake rotors to work well, follow some simple steps.

  • Be mindful while braking the car/vehicle

  • While moving downhill, control the speed of your vehicle by shifting the vehicle transmission into lower gear

  • Before installing brake pads, break them well enough to make sure they don’t leave excess material on the rotor.

Choose from our wide range of rotors and brake pads for genuine quality and right price.