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Wheel hub / Bearings

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Quality Breaking Assembly and Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement in USA

The wheels of a vehicle consist of several different units that work together. The wheel hub assembly is crucial for proper functioning of the wheels. Situated at the center of the wheels, the wheel hub assembly contains the bearing assembly which facilitates its quiet and steady motion. It holds several parts of the wheel together. A damaged or worn out hub unit or wheel bearing can result in driving failures. So, the right product and proper installation are important.

Wheel Hub Assembly from Brake Needs

Brake Needs manufactures a wide variety of wheel hub bearings best fit for different vehicles.

  • We use high-quality steel.

  • Our wheel hubs possess OE sensors.

  • Use of premium seal ensures optimum performance.

  • We meet the highest safety standards.

A properly functioning wheel hub assembly is necessary for driving smoothness, performance, fuel economy and the effectiveness of the ABS. Brake Needs ensure that your wheel hub assembly, i.e. the point of interconnection between the wheels and the chassis of a vehicle does not bother you.

Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement - Advice from Experts

As far as the maintenance of your vehicle is concerned, wheel hub assembly replacement at the right time is necessary. Even the smallest of defects have the potential to cause serious accidents. Experts at Brake Needs strongly recommend wheel hub assembly replacement every 85,000 to 100,000 miles to avoid risks arising from its wear and tear. You must keep in mind the specifications and the size of the hub before replacement.

In vehicles that are equipped with Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), the wheel hub assembly also contains the wheel speed sensor that controls the ABS. Even the slightest damage or misalignment of the wheel hub assembly can lead to unusual noises when the car steered in the direction of the defective hub assembly. In cases where it has sustained heavy damage, the vehicle can even wander off, causing the driver to lose control at sharp curves. Remember, it is advisable to change them in pairs always.

Why Choose V Trust Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly?

  • Premium quality OE hub unit replacement assembly

  • No Modifications

  • Best deals at lowest prices

  • Free shipping

  • 100% money back assured

Choose from the wide variety of wheel hub and bearing assemblies available at Brake Needs to get the most out of your vehicle. We guarantee that the parts we have in stock will give your vehicle easier steering and far smoother handling.