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Wheel Hub/Bearings

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Brake Needs - Wheel Hub Replacement and Bearings

The wheel hub is a crucial part of the wheel, which securely fastens the wheel in place. Wheel hubs are now available in different types and dimensions, each offering several advantages. So, if you require the right wheel hub, wheel hub bearing, or wheel hub replacement service, feel free to visit Brake Needs.

There are some important components of wheel hub that you must note before opting for wheel hub replacement.

  • Wheel Bolts: Check different types of wheel hubs and models. You can find a lot of variations in the wheel bolts and holes. Typically, wheel bolts have 4/5/6/8 holes, equidistant from one another, and arranged in a neat circular pattern. Measure the bolt pattern to ensure it is even.

  • Classic Wheel Hubs:These are perfect hubs that function on both one and two piece axles. While classic hubs have axles extending from 100mm, low-flange rear hubs have axles up to 135mm.

  • Disc Hubs: Universal disc hubs are designed for front, rear, single speed hub, and one-two piece axles. The axles have wide ranging from 100mm to 160mm. For passenger as well as driver side, universal disc hubs have a flange diameter of 53mm.

Few Things to Bear in Mind

Besides considering wheel hub features and specifications, you must check the size of the wheel hub too.

  • Always check the tire and its side walls for a series of numbers, letters, and manufacturer name.

  • Look for the last set of numbers beginning with R (radical)

It may seem to be a really cumbersome task to handle wheel hub replacement or wheel hub bearing changes! However, it is not that way. If you hire a professional, they can make things really easier and simpler for you.

Consider Brake Needs for all kinds of wheel hub replacement services for your vehicle.